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We also offer Screeding to certain jobs to allow for insulating material or underfloor piping to be covered up. The main purpose for screed is to provide a smooth surface to then allow other materials such as, tiles, wood flooring and carpet to be laid on top. Screed can also be used to ensure safety by making sure the floor is even and safe.

Traditional Screed

Traditional screed is a mixture of sand & cement with a certain ratio of between 3 to 5 parts sand & 1 part cement. 4 to 1 is the most used ratio when laying traditional screed. The drying time for this type of screed can vary depending on the amount of screed being laid down, weather conditions and the type of mixture being used. Traditional floor screed is normally applied with a straight-edge wooden or plastic float and then levelled using a trowel or power float.

Liquid Screed

Liquid floor screed is an essential flooring component that is laid on top of other materials such as concrete and underfloor heating. This type of screed is used to provide a smooth and level surface area as a final covering in the applied area. Because, of its free-flowing consistency, materials such as tiles, carpet, floorboarding and vinyl can be installed hassle-free. Liquid screed has become a must-have in the domestic and commercial flooring builds, due to its qualities such as minimised surface cracking and smooth surfaces.

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