“It is sometimes easier to have things made than to find things”
Stephen Bailey

SFS Framing

SFS Framing is something we look forwards to using for future projects as they are becoming more common in modern structural systems. Due to the compatibility of the steel columns and beams, faster construction is more possible to create supports for ceilings, walls, floors, partitioning and cladding.


Rendering is provided when the external wall requires covering. Rendering is usually applied by a plasterer, and they apply the render by hands and tools around the bricks or blocks from which the building is constructed from. We then cover the render with paint or wall coatings to protect the render from cracking or erosion.

External Insulation

External wall insulation is an insulation layer fixed to the existing wall of a building, then finished with a protective render or decorative finish. External finishes can be Dry Cladding which offer a wide range of finishes such as, brick, timber panels, clay or stone tiles and aluminium panels. The biggest advantage to external insulation is to allow better thermal performance and well as making the external appearance of a building look better.

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