“Drylining is a system for cladding the wall and ceilings of a building using plasterboard, faster and more cost effective than traditional brick-built wall they are also easier to change making buildings more flexible”

Safe Wall UK has experienced workers that will be able to install systems for cladding the internal faces of buildings, such as walls and ceilings. We do also fix to secondary framework of metal or timber attached to the internal face. Dot and Dab and screw fixing systems are our main way of attaching our high performance or thermal boards to the internal face.


We provide partitioning of walls for spaces between buildings. The construction of these stud walls can be from timber, steel or aluminium frames clad with boarding such as plasterboard, timber, metal, or fibreboard. Windows, architraves, skirting, wiring, sockets, doors, ducting, and pipework is also something we provide depending on the proposed design.

Tape & Jointing

Tape and Jointing is a service we also provide where we cover all the seams between the sheets of plasterboard that have been applied to a wall or ceiling. This helps strengthen the plasterboard joints, which stops any cracks from appearing in the future. Ordinarily tape and jointing would be alternative to skimming as it is used to help prepare the walls for decoration.


Plastering is a process we provide to produce a final wall or ceiling finish to a building before decoration. Backing coats which tend to cover the substrates will vary between 9mm and 40mm of thickness depending on the circumstances. Finishing coats will be applied after the backing coats to give a smooth skim finish and they usually average between 3mm and 5mm.


We provide Insulation as a service to prevent heat or sound from being transmitted from room to room. Thermal and Acoustic insulation are the two main types of insulation we install, and these can be installed anywhere from your walls, ceilings, and floors.

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